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Manual pad printing machines, automatic color pad printing machines manual screen printing machine, automatic screen printing machines for printing Barcode Printer TTP-N80 or round products. Related information This command is ignored in page mode.

As soon as there is a print action Barcode Printer TTP-N80 such as text output the graphics buffer will be merged logical OR process with print output. This command sets the graphics buffer state to merge pending, functioning and performing the save as in the form and merge real time surround graphics command. Apply margin message Barcode Printer TTP-N80 ColorPOS: Value of l: Value of m: Value of o: If a logo with index m does not exist or is wider than the print raster width then this command is ignored. The parameter l specifies whether merging should take place from the left side or the right side.


Each merge side retains its n value of raster rows to be skipped. If Barcode Printer TTP-N80 is not selected when both sides are defined, then if the n skip row values are different, or the logo height sizes are different, the side logos will not line up as printing progresses.

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If toggling is selected then both left and right sides merge message graphic must be defined; otherwise toggling is ignored. In that case the printing process is additive in the overlap region. This command applies shading to an existing logo of any size, storing the result in a new logo at index o. The new Barcode Printer TTP-N80 is thus better suited for use in a merging mode. Logo print with knife cut Values of m: This advance of paper however, causes a blank space at the start of the next receipt that could be used. To utilize this space and reduce paper usage, this command starts to print a logo for the next receipt before initiating the cut at the end of the current receipt.

At a set location during the printing of the logo, the corresponding paper advance is stopped and a paper cut performed. The Barcode Printer TTP-N80 n x 24 is used to determine the number of dot rows to move the paper from the start of the logo to the position of the cut. If n x 24 is greater than the height of the logo, the logo height is used to determine the cut position. In order for this command to function properly, all commands used by legacy applications to move the end of the current receipt past the knife should be removed. The command is available only in Native mode.


Related information See Print downloaded bit image command. E 01 monochrome color Max value is limited by the max speed setting of the printer 0 - normal speed Barcode Printer TTP-N80 command sets a specific speed for an operation, allowing the user more control of the print environment. The speed is maintained as long as it is less than the speed automatically set by power management. A parameter of zero 0 restores the normal max speed.


These commands are triggered by any knife cut command partial or full: The printer when powered-up will if set activate the header, watermark, and margin message features and will be ready to print the body of a receipt. For selected features to print however, logos with defined Barcode Printer TTP-N80 values of F0, F1, F2, F3 respectively must be saved in the flash memory. Once logos have been loaded and enabled they can be used in any emulation mode.

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Skip distances Barcode Printer TTP-N80 constant. Native mode must be used to turn the feature off. Bar Code Printer TTP-N80 drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources.

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Official driver packages will Barcode Printer TTP-N80 you to. TTP Pro internal media supply, optional external roll mount supports; mm (") OD label rolls on mm (3") core; 5 inches per second print speed  Missing: N

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