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In Acard v82 typical installation, a card or tag 10 may be placed on the top of the base structure A14'iny the position shown Acard v82 the front elevation of Fig. A card or tag, such as the illustrated tagliis on thte upperside of the lbase structur'ei'plfl and moves from the left side to the right side of the arrangement.


The solenoid 16 is controlled Vby a Amanual start control switch Fig. The vstop control switch 26, an associated switch arm 27, and an actuating button 28 are mounted onl a'suppor't bracket 2,9 fixed to the base The rotary solenoid l16,y on starting', is energized: Then itis ltemporarily de-energized Acard v82 returns by -spring action-to the start-position.

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A centralractuating shaft 18 is coupledthrough acoupling sleeve 19 tothe rotary solenoid shaft The sleeve l isv xedto the centralv actuating shaft 18, Acard v82 is rotatably mounted in the base structure 14 with itsaxis transverse tothe direction of tag- 10 movement. A snubber blockj22fisxedto Acard v82 base structure 14 in the line of movement of the snubber arm A resilient pad 23 is provided: The slide 30 moves within parallel guide surfaces innthe base Parallel tongue portions 31 on each side of the slide 30 mate with the groove surfaces 15 in the base structure The slide 30 includes a at upper surface and a central aperture suicient to encompass the perforation positions on a tag On the bottoms the slide 30 refer particularly to Fig.

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A first of these rows the nearest row in the front elevation comprises a row of stepping teeth A second of the rows the furthest row in the front elevation comprise a plurality of holding teeth The central aperture in the slide 30 is between the rows 32 and 34 of teeth, and provides a space through which perfora tions in a tag 10 Acard v82 be sensed. The aperture in the slide 30 encompasses the possible perforation positions on a tag Two positioning studs 36, for holding tags 10 which are Acard v82 be sensed, are mounted on the top side of the slide The positioning studs 36 are so placed that large positioning perforations 12 refer to Fig.

When so located, information perforations 12 in each tag 10 are over the central aperture in the tag holding slide 30 see Fig.


A tag 10 is positioned, in this example, on the studs 36 by an operator. Acard v82 ejector control arm 35 see Figs. As tags 10 are moved from the tag entry to the tag exit side they pass Acard v82 perforation sensing position marked by the line A in Fig.

Perforation sensing position A is represented as a line transverse to the direction of movement of tags Sensing is actually accomplished, however, at a number of sensing points defined here as the different points at which the separate rows of information perforations 11 on the tags 10 pass the perforation sensing position A. The tags 1'0 pass here see Figs. The spacing between the slide 30 and the guide bar 40 provides a wide entry portion for receiving the tag At the sensing position A, however, the guide bar 40 is closely Acard v82 to Acard v82 slide 30 and contains a tag 10 on the slide 30 against upward movement.

The guide bar 40 includes a Acard v82 hole 41 at each perforation position. A tag 10 on the slide 30 is not gripped between the slide 30 and the guide bar A ipper mechanism 42 see Figs.


A spring 46 coupling the channel member 44 to the base 14 tends to hold the channel member 44 against the base 14 at a point between the perforation sensing position A and the tag exit side of the base A stripper bar 48 attached to the free end of the channel member 44 normally engages the base The stripper bar 48 extends under the leading edge of a tag 10 as the tag 10 moves past the sensing position A toward the tag exit side. The channel member 44 includes side members which restrain a tag 10 from lateral movement, and an ejector Acard v82 45 at the tag exit side of one of the side members. When the slide 30 is at the tag exit end of the base structure 14 the slide ejector Acard v82 arm 35 engages the ejector tab 45 on the channel member The final movements of the slide 30 toward the tag exit end pivot the channel member 44 in a clockwise direction, as seen in Fig.

A spiralreel spring 50 see Figs.

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The spiral reel Acard v82 50 biases the slide 30 toward the tag entry side of the base 14 but permits the slide 30 to be moved toward the tag exit side ofthe base Acard v82 Free Driver Download for Windows 98SE, 98 - . World's most popular driver download site. Acard v82 Free Driver Download for Windows 98SE, World's most popular driver download site.

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