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They transduce extracellular signals inside the cells through at least two different mechanisms: The fundamental issue of the respective impacts that these two transduction mechanisms exert on gene regulation has not been clearly addressed to date.

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To tackle this question we have developed two mutants of the follicle stimulating hormone FSH receptors which do not couple to G proteins upon FSH activation but continue to recruit beta-arrestins and signal through them. These two mutations are localized in the second intra cellular loop of the FSH receptor and prevent G protein coupling to the active FSH receptor. Each receptor was permanently expressed in HEK cells at comparable levels. Cells were treated or not for 6 hours with 3 nM FSH. The molecular mechanisms of trefoil factors, initiators of mucosal healing and being greatly involved in tumorigenesis, have remained elusive. A naturally existing kDa complex of non-lens bg-crystallin a-subunit and trefoil factor b-subunitnamed bg-CAT, was identified from Advance Peripherals 29133 U133 PCI Bombina maxima skin secretions.

Its a-subunit and b-subunit containing three trefoil factor domainswith a non-covalently linked form of ab2, show significant sequence homology to ep37 proteins, a group of non-lens bg-crystallins identified in newt Cynops pyrrhogaster and mammalian trefoil factors, respectively.


The bg-CAT showed multiple cellular effects on human umbilical vein endothelial cells. Low dosages of bg-CAT pM Advance Peripherals 29133 U133 PCI able to stimulate cell migration and wound healing. At high concentrations, it induced cell detachment EC50 10 nM and apoptosis. The bg-CAT was rapidly endocytosed via intracellular vacuole formation. Under confocal microscope, some of the vacuoles were translocated to nucleus and partially fused with nuclear membrane.

These findings illustrate novel cellular functions of non-lens bg-cyrstallins and action mechanism via association with trefoil factors, serving as clues for investigating the possible occurrence of similar molecules and action mechanisms in mammals. Gene expression was analysed by RNA microarray. Data comprehensively comparing gene expression between histologically normal breast epithelium of breast cancer patients and cancer-free controls are limited.


The present study compares global gene expression between these groups. Cyber-T identi? Gene ontology GOUniProt and published literature evaluated gene function. Here we report Advance Peripherals 29133 U133 PCI isolation to near purity of human normal mammary SC hNMSCsfrom cultured mammospheres, based on their ability to retain the lipophilic dye PKH26 as a consequence of their quiescent nature. The transcriptional profile of PKHpositive cells hNMSC signature was able to predict biological and molecular features of breast cancers. By using markers of the hNMSC signature, we could prospectively isolate SCs from the normal gland and from breast tumors. Poorly-differentiated aggressive G3 cancers displayed higher content of prospectively isolated cancer SCs, than well-differentiated less aggressive G1 cancers.

By comparing G3 and G1 tumors in xenotransplantation experiments, we directly demonstrated that G3s are enriched in cancer SCs. Our data support the notion that the heterogeneous phenotypical and molecular traits of human breast cancers are a function of their SC content. Despite promise the relevance of the CSC model to human disease remains uncertain.

Here we show that acute myeloid leukemia AML follows a CSC model based on sorting multiple populations from each of 16 primary human AML samples and identifying which contain leukemia stem cells LSC using a sensitive xenograft assay. Analysis of gene expression from Advance Peripherals 29133 U133 PCI functionally validated populations yielded an LSC-specific signature.

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Similarly, a hematopoietic stem cell HSC gene signature was established. Bioinformatic analysis identified a core transcriptional program shared by LSC and HSC, revealing the molecular machinery underlying stemness properties. Both stem cell programs were highly significant independent predictors of patient survival and also found in existing prognostic signatures.

Thus, determinants of stemness influence clinical outcome of AML establishing that LSC are clinically relevant and not mere artifacts of xenotransplantation. Comparison between the sample groups allow to identify a set of discriminating genes that can be used for prediction of the response to radiotherapy in rectal cancer.


Isolation and characterization of tumourigenic colon cancer Advance Peripherals 29133 U133 PCI cells may help to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. We characterized a panel of fourteen human colon carcinoma cell lines and their corresponding xenografts for the surface expression of different potential stem cell markers: In five cell lines and nine xenografts mRNA expression of the investigated markers was determined. All surface markers showed distinct expression patterns in the examined tumours. Analyses of the corresponding xenografts revealed a significant reduction of cell numbers expressing the investigated markers. Small subpopulations of double and triple positive cells could be described.

SW showed significantly higher take rates and shorter doubling times in vivo when sorted for CD positivity. Download Advance Peripherals U PCI driver for Controllers, different software versions available here. 16/08/06, Advance Peripherals U PCI, Win 98SE, WinWin NTWin XP, Win Me, Win 98, Win 16/08/06, Advance Peripherals

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