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Price KDS RAD-7c Monitor makes this inch unit cost-competitive with large CRTs; good controls, clear menu; crisp picture, vibrant colour; excellent hinged support for adjusting the viewing angle.

KDS Rad-7c

Panel equipped with an analogue connection, so the picture loses a bit of quality compared to a direct digital connection; awful built-in speakers. The built-in speakers are nothing to write home about, but the LCD panel itself is a high-quality display at a great price. A case in point is the KDS Rad-7c. This inch monitor is one of the models leading the price-cutting charge among larger flat panels. Story continues below advertisement Due to the KDS RAD-7c Monitor computer displays are measured, the inch Rad-7c has a visible screen area that's much larger than my own inch NEC M CRT monitor, and only slightly smaller than a generic inch CRT I've got connected to another test machine. It can pump out images at a resolution of 1,by-1, at 75 Hz, but KDS recommends that you knock it down to a 60 Hz refresh rate at that resolution. The panel can easily handle 1,by at the full 75 Hz refresh rate.

The panel isn't quite as bright as either of my CRTs, but the picture itself is great. On it's own, the Rad-7c is bright, with vibrant colours and an overall crisp image.


The backlighting is also strong and even, with none of the annoying darkening towards KDS RAD-7c Monitor corners that you'll often notice on poorly lit panels. The panel displays video extremely well. There was some very slightly blurring of the image in very-high-frame-rate games at the 1,by-1, and 60 Hz setting, but it smoothed out when I tweaked the display setting to 1,by-1, and cranked the refresh rate up to 75 Hz. The viewing angle is good, but not fantastic, like most LCDs. It looks fine when you're in a direct line with it, but the image gets dim and hazy very quickly as you KDS RAD-7c Monitor to one side or stand up so you're looking down at the display. As a computer monitor its performance is spot-on, but the Rad-7c is not as well suited to work as, say, an PC-based LCD TV in a small room unless you can guarantee that watchers will be able to look at the screen straight-on.

To make sure the angle is perfect when you're sitting in front of the LCD, it has a fully adjustable stand. The hinge system is nice and firm, so the kilogram panel moves easily but stays put when you get it set where you want it. The controls are also within easy reach, located on the right-hand side of the monitor's case. The labelling is poor, though, so you have to crane your head around the side of the monitor and look for KDS RAD-7c Monitor tiny icons to figure out what each of the buttons do or just go with a trial-and-error approach.

On the KDS rad 7c monitor where is the physical location of - Fixya

I don't know why the company didn't just put the icons down the front of screen KDS RAD-7c Monitor they'd be easy to see. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement Once you figure out which button does KDS RAD-7c Monitor, the on-screen display is easy to navigate using the side-mounted buttons. There are a dozen different adjustments, arranged in a circle on the screen for easy scrolling from one to the next.

The 7c's picture is crisp, as I mentioned, but it would likely have been even better if KDS had offered it with a digital connector. CRTs use analogue connections to a computer's video card due to the way their electronic guts display an image, whereas LCD panels are purely digital - as is the video signal when it gets generated by the computer. To display graphics on CRTs, which still KDS RAD-7c Monitor the monitor market, video cards have traditionally translated the digital video signal to analogue as it leaves the computer. As a result, many LCD vendors built a converter into KDS RAD-7c Monitor flat panels that takes the analogue signal from a generic video card and translates it back into digital.

KDS Radius RAD-7C 17" LCD Monitor, built-in Speakers, power and VGA Cable eBay

The problem here is that every time you convert a signal from digital to analogue or vice-versa, KDS RAD-7c Monitor lose a bit of quality. Now that LCD panels are getting more common, most decent video cards offer both an analogue or digital connection.


The digital connection provides a cleaner, all-digital feed from the computer straight to the panel. But the 7c comes only with an analogue connection, so KDS RAD-7c Monitor can't benefit from a direct-digital signal. It doesn't make an enormous difference in terms of what you see on screen, but purists will look KDS RAD-7c Monitor a panel with a digital connector to maximize the image quality. The other weakness of the 7c, one that can't be as easily overlooked, is its built-in speakers.


KDS RAD-7c Monitor They look good, housed behind a thin strip of grillework a couple of inches wide that runs down each KDS RAD-7c Monitor of the display. But looks can be deceiving. Find great deals for KDS RAD-7C LCD Monitor. Shop with confidence on eBay! Product Information. Full-featured and modern, this inch KDS Radius monitor is made for those who want to enhance their computer systems. Researchers.

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