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Used for second number dialed in a multilink connection. Determines how incoming call is routed when connected to a point-to-point ISDN line. Off Ready. No data traffic. Amber Flash B channel 1 or 2 passing data. Solid Amber Remote test originate. Calls can be placed. No Power. Link is not established. Calls cannot be placed. Answer The Express answered a call on ADTRAN Express 768 the first or second channel. The calling phone number is displayed if available.

Back to online Express went back online. Bad async BPS The Bonding protocol determined that the selected asynchronous bit rate is not supported.

Adtran Express L Users Manual

Bad call type Express placed a call with an improper call type. Bad phone number Express attempted to call an invalid phone number. Bearer Mode? Status Buffer Messages Incoming call ADTRAN Express 768 not of a type the Express can accept. Bearer Info Cap? Incoming call information transfer capability is not known. BPS mismatch Bonding negotiation found a bit rate mismatch. ADTRAN Express 768 to AT cmd User issued a break-in request. Break ignored User issued an extra break-in request. BUSY The called number is busy. B-X disconnected B-channel disconnected.

X can be 1 or 2 representing the appropriate B-channel. Call lost Held call could not be retrieved. Call not ringing User executed an answer command ATA but there was not a call present. Can't go online Express cannot go back on line. Unknown AT command user issued an unknown AT command. Connect Timeout Call attempt does not connect in x amount of time. Dial The Express placed a call on either the first or second channel. The number called is displayed following the message. Disconnect The call on either the first or second channel was disconnected from the network. The far-end phone number is displayed if available. Ensure flow control setting match on both terminal adapters. ADTRAN Express 768 not up Express tried to place a call in a dialing mode that requires DTR to be in ADTRAN Express 768 active state, but it is not.

Adtran Express L768

Dump call The Express could not accept an incoming call because it was already involved in a call. Status Buffer Messages Dump An incoming call on either the first or second channel was discarded by the Express Call ISP. Factory Reset 0 Unit defaulted ADTRAN Express 768 factory configuration. FlowCtl mismatch Bonding negotiation determined a flow control mismatch.

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FlowCtl required Bonding negotiation determined that flow control needs to be optioned on. Hangup The call on either the first ADTRAN Express 768 second channel was disconnected by the Express Hold Voice call is on hold.


Status Buffer Messages The called number cannot accept the type of call that has been placed. Inv Password Remote configuration failed due to incorrect password. L1 not up The network interface is not active.

Status Buffer Messages L2 not up The data link layer interface is not active. L3 not up The call control interface is not active.

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Express L SDSL  Express L and Express L HDSL Router/Bridg ADTRAN.

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