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Tambourine, mic, vocal FX processor, crash cymbal, and CD player.

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Simple eh? Here in Miami as fuck Florida.

I came back to this house cuz my landlord was tearing up my bathroom without notice. I had to beg Otto von Schirach to drive up to Atlanta to bring me back home and he did.

G-Force M-Tron Pro

Thanks Otto. October 19, in Workspace and Environment with 0 Comments.


Before I unleash Lusine, I would like Behringer Tweakbench field steal a second and say thank you to everyone who overwhelmed our blog the past two days, especially Matrix who linked us through Matrixsynth. Again, thank you for the response and enjoy some Lusine. Arp Odyssey. The Mark I was a hand me down from my uncle that was broken.

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It works and sounds great. Fruity Loops. I would love for the guys at FL to make an external device that you could load your programs onto and use as a sort Behringer Tweakbench field MPC on steroids. They also need to integrate the Piano Roll sequencer with the Step sequencer in a more logical way. If they focused more on Spectral plugins natively it would be nice.

And their Granular Device and time stretching tools could be enhanced with more features. I like having everything at my fingertips. What additional projects are you involved with? Most recently with Behringer Tweakbench field Wingo on some film score work. What is Behringer Tweakbench field first piece of hardware you got? Yamaha Ry Awesome drum machine though. What does your live setup consist of? Laptop, midi controller, and Ableton Live. What are distractions and influences to you? Biggest distraction is probably procrastination, TV, football season. Biggest inspiration, hearing a great track or album that gives me ideas.

Lusine gew up in Dallas, Texas and now works out of Seattle, Washington.

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October 19, in Workspace and Environment with 1 Comment. Hello from both Justin and Behringer Tweakbench field. We were both surprised at the amount of enthusiasm and interests that the artists responded with. We have over 40 interested artists lined up so far. We will release two or three articles weekly. Richard Devine. Richard Devine: I have been working on music for almost fifteen years now. From there I progressed to working with computers and digital signal processing. I have always considered my self more of a sound collage artist. Dealing more with sound design, and creating an unusual space or experience for the listener.


Regarding Hardware I have so many favorites its ridiculous. I have really been Behringer Tweakbench field the new Roland V-synth GT. Some may think that sounds a bit odd, but I have been getting some unreal sounds with it.


It is Behringer Tweakbench field totally new AP Articulate Phrase Synthesis technology models the performance behavior and nuance of musical instruments. Playing a sound of a recorded whale or bird and playing it like a violin or guitar. Tweakbench · Cart 0 · VST Plguins · Tweakbench · VST Plguins · Cart 0 Tweakbench Complete Bundle.

Field. Missing: Behringer. field is a multisample based ambience generator. using original field recordings by twerk, field allows you to generate suitable backing ambience for any g: Behringer.

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