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The second hard drive in the HDD Caddy that is now inside your laptop will be, for instance in Windows, immediately recognized as a second storage disk. You can use the second storage disk to store your files, music, Asus A42JV Notebook Bios 210, programs, and games. In most laptops you can set up the second hard drive to boot a second operating system.


For instance if you want to use Linux besides your Windows installation. HDD Caddy is an easy way to increase the storage capacity of your laptop. Nowadays the use of SSD has become more popular.

Do not exhaust the Power Bank. Recharge before its power is completely consumed.

Part III. Use of the Power Bank To check the default voltage of your device: Step Asus A42JV Notebook Bios 210 Step 1b: Refer to the specification label stuck at the bottom of your device - to check the "Input" requirement. Step 2: Selection of Output Voltage: Pushing the switch to the left is for 16V capable of powering a V notebook ; and to the right for 19V good for 18VV. Step 3: Select the correct tip that could fit into the notebook DC jack tightly and snugly; and then plug the selected tip into the DC jack of the notebook. Plug the provided output cable into the other end of the plug tip.

Disconnect the power supply before cleaning the battery pack. To clean the battery pack, use only soft cloth with mild soap solution containing no harmful substances, i. Charge this battery pack at least once every 3 months if you do not use it for a long time.

During charging, the temperature of the battery pack will rise slightly. This is normal and not a malfunction.

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Stop charging the battery immediately if charging does not complete in reasonable time. If unpleasant smell is detected and deforming casing occurred during charging, turn off the power supply immediately and unplug the power cord from AC wall-socket to avoid possible damage or risk e. If there is leakage of electrolytic substance from the battery pack, use large amount of water to wash off any liquid tainting any part of the body immediately. Remove your clothes that have been contaminated Asus A42JV Notebook Bios 210 the electrolytic Asus A42JV Notebook Bios 210 and wash them with a synthetic detergent immediately. Always keep the battery pack out of the reach of infants and children.

Children must not play unsupervised near the product and its connections. New Power Bank is normally shipped in its partially charged condition. It suits most of the V laptop computers in the market. Version /02/ MBytes.

Bios Recovery Procedures

BIOS Firmware Change: (1)Firmware update. (2)Fixed bug: While audio playing, press Fn+ESC will result in sound. A42JV. Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT · Driver & Utility · FAQ Driver & Tools · BIOS & FIRMWARE.

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