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At least all the important video codecs are supported ensuring buttery smooth playback of high definition video, whether stored locally or streamed from the net, without stressing the CPU. Likewise, both boards offer support for AMD's Hybrid CrossFireX technology enabling users to switch Asus M4A785-M the fly between beefy but power-hungry discrete graphics and the more efficient integrated 3D core.

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So much for progress. Elsewhere, however, the Asus doesn't have it all its own way.


Part of the problem is the fact that quad-core Intel chips have the edge on the fastest Asus M4A785-M AMD Asus M4A785-M. Intel's six-core models are in a class of their own. Exactly how important high bandwidth interfaces, such as USB 3.

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Currently, there are few available components and peripherals that Asus M4A785-M either standard. However, you can have both with the Gigabyte board for just eight pounds extra and otherwise offers a very similar package.

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The northbridge heatsink is actually sized very well. Despite these downsides, motherboard Asus M4A785-M in the DDR2 realm are slim, and this was the best motherboard locally available. Overclocking adds a bit of heat and power consumption. Hence, stock voltage results only. Once those were off, I replaced it with an extremely tiny Asus M4A785-M of Arctic Silver.

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The included heatsink is actually pretty decent heatpipes and everythingbut the default thermal pad was too thick for my liking. The BIOS Asus M4A785-M was version After a restart, Asus M4A785-M were looking good. Note that I had close to the bare minimum attached to this thing, aside from a pile of fans.

At idle Windows 7the system was using 84 watts at idle measured from the power outletand watts at load running Prime The CPU heatsink was relatively cool. The northbridge was cool although the RAM cooler was giving it some airflowbut the southbridge was extremely hot. After about seconds I had to pull my finger off to keep from cooking my skin. My fixes were as follows: Southbridge — I used zip ties to hang an 80mm fan over the location which you can see in the picturejust to get some directed airflow. It worked very well. I Asus M4A785-M a RAM cooler, rear exhaust fan, and 80mm fan over the southbridge added to the setup just to keep things comfortable temperature-wise at stock.

What a terrible southbridge heatsink!

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It was either that, or rig something up so that the southbridge would keep Asus M4A785-M coffee warm. Even with the CPU fan at full speed blowing air out the sidesthe exhaust fan to the left, and the PSU intake fan above, these things stay very warm. Now we get to the good stuff. There are some flaws in the way things are worded in the BIOS, but the options are there and Asus M4A785-M plentiful. Processor Frequency Multiplier — you already know what this does. You can adjust the multiplier used for this if desired.

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The default works out to be Mhz. The default is Mhz.

For some reason they list Asus M4A785-M frequency instead of a multiplier. Overclocking it can also cause instability. Therefore, try to keep this thing around the stock frequency of Mhz.


The math you have to do here is nothing short of a nightmare. Advanced Clock Calibration — Apparently this helped the original Phenom processors obtain higher stable overclocks utilizing the southbridge somehow. I have Asus M4A785-M disabled, but you could try both and see which nets you better results.

In any case, the settings I ended up with were as follows:M4AM Asus M4A785-M AMD Cool ´n´ Quiet! Technology, which monitors system operation and automatically adjusts CPU voltage and frequency for a cool and. AMD® Phenom™ II/Athlon™ II/ Sempron™ Series Processors (socket AM3). This motherboard supports AMD® Socket AM3 multi-core processors with.


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