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Although the build feels sturdy, its glossy, painted finish has a dimply, orange-peel effect. Luckily those fans are pretty ASRock HM55-HT, so you won't notice the whirring most of the time, and elsewhere the HT-BD is a capable media PC.


Although there's no discrete graphics processor, there's plenty of oomph for the sorts of tasks you might ask of a media PC from day to day. And while it scored a middling 1. Connectivity is excellent, with an eSATA port on the rear and a pair of USB 3 sockets on the front offering plenty of ASRock HM55-HT for ramping up your high-speed storage capacity.

Inside, that even extends to One of the most important aspects of enjoying a game is minimum frame rates which can have the greatest impact on the gaming experience. Due to this we also include a separate graph which details the framerates every second during a level for each of the tested games. This framerate graph allows us to show ASRock HM55-HT how stable the framerates are in on a product and how often they rise towards the maximum or fall to the minimum level. Essentially it gives a good representation of the experience you will have ASRock HM55-HT playing.

Getting inside the system is very easy and doesn't require fifty million screws to be removed or the patience of someone that has a lot of it. All ASRock HM55-HT need to do is remove two screws at the back ASRock HM55-HT the system that hold on the top case part of the system. Once removed, it just slides off with ease. Revealed is the inside of the system as you can see above.

We need to remove the Blu-ray optical drive and hard ASRock HM55-HT compartment area by undoing a further two screws that hold that part in place. Once the optical drive and HDD is removed, we are presented with something like you see above. Cooling seems ASRock HM55-HT be handled rather well - we didn't experience any heat related issues - and the unit is rather quiet producing only up to 25dB which is basically inaudible unless you really put your ear up to the system.


Do keep in mind that when we had the system overclocked 2. The fan while loud was not over the top loud, but definitely audible ASRock HM55-HT the idle fan speed level - and it was pushing out fairly warm air from the rear extraction point.

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The Intel HM55 Express chipset is cooled by a small silver heatsink and the Core i3 mobile processor is cooled by a larger actively cooled heatsink. You cannot see it too well in the image ASRock HM55-HT, but the extraction point for the CPU cooler pushes air directly toward the case ASRock HM55-HT that effectively extracts hot air out of the system.

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Overall we are pleased to say we have a very good design from ASRock. The system works well in terms of size, cooling and noise and it also has a whole bunch of different connectors for your home theater PC requirements. That is all good and well, but how does this thing perform" to make USB.

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