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When there is no movement, the system won t record and that s helpful for saving system Asrock 775i915PL-SATA2 1.40, and convenient for searching for event record file. The indicator light color in the record status panel is yellow. Users may need to setup in three places so as to enable motion detection record.

The green light in record status panel shows the corresponding channel is in Schedule Record mode. Please refer to chapter 4.

Recycling Record If users enable Recycling Record function and all the selected HDD partitions are full, the Asrock 775i915PL-SATA2 1.40 record data will be covered by the latest record data. Users can set recording storage sequence for HDD partitions. The recording storage will automatically jump to the next partition when it s full.


If all the partitions are full and recycling record mode has been enabled, the new data will overwrite the former recorded data automatically. Then once the present storage space is less then the minimum storage and recycling record mode hasn t been enabled, the record will automatically stop. Z Configuration User Configuration Return 4. If users enable Auto Dwell function in the main interface page, users Asrock 775i915PL-SATA2 1.40 set the dwell time of a page here. None means no title; ID means camera numbers, i. There are four options, for users to select for all the channels.

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As the video may have interlace lines if the users select x, users may choose for solve this problem, but it will occupy much more CPU loading. Users can connect Asrock 775i915PL-SATA2 1.40 monitor to the card and select the display modes here. The following is about record data storage. Please refer to chapter to learn more about recycling record. In the following area in the basic configuration page, users can input the computer user name and password in the relative boxes.

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Then when restarting the computer system, it will access to the system with the user name and password input in the boxes. Then users should reboot the computer. Select and set the interval by day, which will Asrock 775i915PL-SATA2 1.40 the system to reboot automatically according to the setups. Click to return to the main display interface. Users can change the values of corresponding items, i.


Set Motion Detection Area In case users Asrock 775i915PL-SATA2 1.40 to customize the detection areas for a certain channel, first select the camera, then select Clear and drag the cursor in the box in the left side. Now, users can see a green box appears which shows the motion detection area.

ASRock 775i915PL-SATA2

Users can select maximum 16 customized areas for each channel. By click Clear, users can clear all the selected areas. Set Motion Detection Sensitivity Draw the bar and select a Asrock 775i915PL-SATA2 1.40 value for motion detection sensitivity. Every channel has three kinds of record modes, i.

We provide users to set schedules from Sunday to Monday separately for all of the three record modes. Sensor alarm record mode has the highest priority among all record modes. Here users can set schedules for it. When users need to edit schedule for a channel, first select the camera Asrock 775i915PL-SATA2 1.40 in the three record modes group, and select the color bars on the right side, then select Edit to edit schedules.

Asrock Page 15

Click Add to add schedule for a certain channel. Click Clear All to delete all the schedules of a certain channel. Users can select whether to open the computer buzzer if the alarms have been triggered and also select how long the buzzer rings [PreRecord]: Asrock 775i915PL-SATA2 1.40 sensor may detect some movement, only if the movement lasts for a period exceeding the default time, then the alarm record will begin and buzzer beeps.

If the HDD available Asrock 775i915PL-SATA2 1.40 is less then the set value, the buzzer will beep if Buzzer has been selected. Click Add to add alarm output terminals in LAN. Look the figure below: Download ASRock iPL-SATA2 Bios OS support: MS-DOS.

Category: System Updates. Free Download Asrock iPL-SATA2 (BIOS) Hybrid Booster - ASRock Safe Overclocking Technology Supports ATi CrossFire.

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