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Is it that time again already"This holiday season will see Microsoft pump tens-of-millions of dollars Acer MPIO FY800 hawk their new Acer MPIO FY800 portable and SanDisk's 8GB e flash unit is compelling high-end users. Both can realistically grab double-digit market share from the iPod, particularly because the iPod only got a modest facelift this season. Whether they do or not waits to be seen.

Disney is showing success with kiddies thanks to strong product branding a touch wheel with mouse ears. If you can Acer MPIO FY800 that part of the "iPod Aura" is really a fashion thing, then we should factor in the fact that fashion changes and some consumers will shift to new players simply because they are not an iPod. But Apple is not playing Versace, which would require the iPod to morph dramatically every year. Instead Apple takes the role of Anne Klein or Polo, a classic look that evolves within the context of popular consumer taste. But seriously, is there really a player out there to challenge the iPod?

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In truth, one manufacturer has already found a secret sauce that makes it the second best selling portable digital player today. This player sells one unit for every 2. That player is the Sony PSP, excluded from the top digital player lists because it is primarily a game player. So what? True, UMD movies were on the way out after a promising start, but price drops in Japan have led to a huge ten-fold jump in sales, resurecting the format in Asia. Acer MPIO FY800

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Lower prices would probably do the same in the US, potentially giving Sony a portable movie distribution model to challenge iTunes. Sony's PSP example gives all other makers hope. In reality they have more than hope to work with.

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Maybe they don't have a huge peripheral market surrounding them, but most have features unavailable in the iPod. If an FM tuner or Bluetooth is compelling to you they may be the better buy. The digital portable player market is young and expanding rapidly. A Acer MPIO FY800 years after that half of all households will have multiple players.

The iPod will maintain its market lead, but Acer MPIO FY800 will do so with a much lower share - and sell many many more units anyway. More important, market expansion also means there is considerable opportunity for profit for even the marginal participants in this space, which is why we keep seeing more new players than ever, including some of the oddest novelty portables yet. Acer MPIO FY800


The unit is due in stores in the October, in time for fall birthdays and Christmas trees. As a manufacturer of flash memory SanDisk has a significant advantage over any other Acer MPIO FY800 maker with the exception of Samsung who also make flash chips. Not only does the company get the Acer MPIO FY800 greatest for itself, but it cuts out the middleman meaning its costs are lower.

Of course, Apple is able to leverage the iPod's sales volume to land pretty cheap memory pricing. Apple is also able to negotiate these savings on the rest of the parts that make up the iPod, an area SanDisk may has less leverage. Still, Acer MPIO FY800 is one of the leaders in the market.


Microsoft Zune Maybe the most important thing Acer MPIO FY800 Microsoft's upcoming Zune player is that MS has already committed to spend a zillion dollars in advertising on it. That means the device could fail relative to the money spent on it and still capture second place in the market.

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Zune is really a collection of features that have already appeared in other DAPs - and failed to launch those players into any sizeable market share. Of course, the whole point of the big ad bucks is to give Zune that "cool" factor that Acer MPIO FY800 a heavy element of the iPod's success. The features that standout for Zune are Zune-to-Zune that will allow Acer MPIO FY800 to use WiFi to share audio and photo images no video with other owners. MPIO FY - there are 5 drivers found for the selected device, which you can Drivers Catalog ⇒ Mobile Phones & Portable Devices ⇒ Acer ⇒ MPIO FY In a market crowded with inexpensive and innovative gadgets, the MPIO FY isn't bad--just g: Acer.

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