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AVI can be and has been extended by adding lists and chunks not in the standard. The sound data is typically 8 or 16 bit PCM, stereo or mono, sampled at 11, 22, or Traditionally, the sound has typically been uncompressed Windows PCM. With the advent of the WorldWide Web and the severe bandwidth limitations of 3Dlabs MiniMiranda ENG Developent Adapter Internet, there has been increasing use of audio codecs.

The wFormatTag field in the audio 'strf' Stream Format chunk identifies the audio format and codec. These include support for fields not just framesfile sizes larger than 1 GB, timecodes, and many other features. It is also used by various professional video applications for the 3Dlabs MiniMiranda ENG Developent Adapter, in particular Matrox's DigiSuite software.

Matrox makes a variety of PC video products such as DigiSuite for 3Dlabs MiniMiranda ENG Developent Adapter and broadcast video authoring and editing. On Oct. Web site at: Since Matrox seems to rearrange their site from time to time and one can't always find the specification, I've included a link to a copy of the PDF version of the specification on my Web site. The file also has comments explaining the structure of the AVI file.

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H header file. The format information now appears consolidated in Vfw.

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Prior to Windows 3. A DDB is stored in a format understood by the device driver for a particular video card.


As the name suggests, DDB's are not generally portable. The structure of a DDB is: With Windows 3. The DIB provided a device independent way to represent bitmapped images, both monochrome and color. For example, to use a DIB, 3Dlabs MiniMiranda ENG Developent Adapter might call: The DIB files have a standard header that identifies the format, size, color palette if applicable of the bitmapped image. True color 24 bit RGB images do not need a color table. Video for Windows 1.

Intel Indeo version 3. They are the compressors provided with Video for Windows. The advent of the WorldWide Web and Internet Mania has created a New Wave of audio and video codecs, trying to apply "advanced" technologies such as sophisticated motion estimation and compensation, wavelets, fractals, and other techniques to achieve extremely low bitrates such as No codec is required for this. A variety of color formats for image pixels exist.

Some of these color formats are essentially standard and supported on all systems. Some color formats such as 8 bit grayscaleY8 require special drivers to display or capture. All common graphics programs support bit RGB.

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In 24 bit RGB a pixel is represented as three bytes, one byte for the red component, one byte for the green component, and one byte for the blue component. Other color formats include: That was it. The original DIB specification had no support for 16 bit per pixel formats, 32 bit per pixel formats, or special encodings like YUV. Not surprisingly, 3Dlabs MiniMiranda ENG Developent Adapter original formats and specification of the DIB are the most widely supported in software. By default, the Microsoft 16 bit per pixel format is actually RGB 15 where one bit is unused, 5 bits for red, 5 bits for green, and 5 bits for blue.

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This was done because the bit RGB or format was used in bit-per-pixel color video cards. Hardware designers found it easier to build chips using a pixel format with one bit unused than the slightly higher resolution color format. The Microsoft 32 bit per pixel format has the most significant byte of the pixel set to zero. Contribute to evanphx/ulysses development by creating an account on GitHub.


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