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However, before the Stealth Pro can take its rightful place in the gaming laptop pantheon, MSI will have to improve that janky touchpad. Best GamingGaming LaptopsFind the right mobile rig for your style of play.

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From the black brushed aluminum lid and sides to the gray felt-like material on the bottom, the laptop is just an exquisite badass. I'm a huge fan of the glossy dragon emblem in the top center of the lid with its varying MSI GE70 2OD Elantech Touchpad gradients. The red-and-black Stealth logo on the back reminds me of a supercar about to pull onto a straightaway. Opening the lid reveals a stately interior housing a full-size keyboard and a large, red-chrome-lined touchpad.

Download MSI GE60 2OD Elantech Touchpad Driver for Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit

A blood-red power indicator glows seductively from atop the keyboard deck amid the top-mounted heat vent. Along the left is a trio of USB 3. Display Whether I was fending off a pack of roving wolves led by a bloodthirsty warg in Witcher 3 or watching Tiffany Haddish's ruby-red lipstick pop against her brown skin, the Stealth Pro's My favorite moment in Witcher 3: The Hunt was watching the red-orange embers singe the warg's blood-mottled fur. When we tested the screen, we discovered that the panel MSI GE70 2OD Elantech Touchpad reproduce percent of the sRGB color gamut, topping the 97percent mainstream laptop average and accounting for that extra pop of MSI GE70 2OD Elantech Touchpad we saw in our use.

The hues on the Alienware 15, Blade and Zephyrus weren't as vibrant at percent each.

Strange issue with ELAN Touchpad driver after installing Windows 10 on MSI laptop.

The Stealth Pro takes its biggest hit on the brightness test, averaging only nits, falling short of the nit category average. The Zephyrus was somewhat brighter at nits, but the Blade and Alienware 15 both did better at and nits.


Audio Living up to the Stealth name, MSI has squirreled away a pair of speakers along the bottomfront of the laptop. And despite their small size, they managed to fill my bedroom with the sultry sounds of Janet Jackson's 'Any Time, Any Place. However, when I switched over to Carlos Santana's 'Maria Maria,' the bass wasn't as strong as I would have liked despite the five available settings in the Nahimic 2 software.

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Ultimately, I found that Music delivered the best audio MSI GE70 2OD Elantech Touchpad, but with settings for different game genres Role Play, Racing, Strategy and Shooteryou'll definitely want to experiment. Typing on the Stealth Pro's full-size, island-style keyboard is like typing on a bunch of multicolored, tiny trampolines. Speaking of games, when I played Witcher 3 the trumpets and strings were front and center without diminishing the clashing of swords during the many fight scenes. For those instances when the Witcher actually spoke, his gravelly voice had the necessary gravitas. For first-person shooter fans, Nahimic offers MSI GE70 2OD Elantech Touchpad Sound Tracker feature, which provides a visual cue when foes try to sneak up and get the drop on you. And for folks who want to broadcast their gameplay, there's HD Audio Recorder 2, which lets you map sound effects to the keyboard for quick access as you stream.

Keyboard and Touchpad Typing on the Stealth Pro's full-size, island-style keyboard is like typing on a bunch of multicolored, tiny trampolines.

That firm, bouncy feedback comes from the 1. I notched 73 words per minute on the 10fastfingers typing test, surpassing my usual 65 wpm. Broken down into three zones, you can customize the keyboard, including the number pad, with one of If you're looking to map any spells or supermoves to any of the keys, you'll be using the Macro Editor in Steel Series 3 Engine.

MSI GE70 0NC Notebook Windows 7, Windows 8 Drivers, Applications, Manuals

If only the 4. No matter how many times I adjusted MSI GE70 2OD Elantech Touchpad rejection and touchpad sensitivity, the cursor jumped around willy-nilly, making it difficult to stay on track as I wrote the review. And while it was easy to pinch-zoom, I had to swipe several times before a three-finger swipe registered.


The bottom corners of the pad were very stiff, making it difficult to right or left click. Gaming, Graphics and VR: And since you don't need the extra space for heat dissipation, MSI can squeeze a into a crazy-slim chassis of the Stealth Pro. But let's get one thing straight: The Stealth Pro held its own against the competition, scoring 48 frames per second on the Rise of the Tomb Raider benchmark at very high on p. MSI GE70 2OD Elantech Touchpad

That was enough to beat the fps mainstream average as well as the Blade's GTX 43 fps. On the Hitman test, the Stealth Pro achieved an impressive 89 fps, topping the fps average and dominating the Zephyrus 68 fps and the Blade 60 fps. The Alienware 15 was the ultimate winner with 98 fps.

Switching over to the Grand Theft Auto V benchmark, the Stealth Pro scored 66 fps, defeating the fps category average and the Blade's 44 fps. It was no match for the Alienware 15 and the Zephyrus, which notched 68 and 78 fps, respectively. The Stealth Pro is just as smooth when it comes to virtual reality. The laptop scored The Zephyrus and Alienware 15 notched Performance One place where the MSI isn't stealthy is overall performance. Free Download MSI GE70 2OC Elantech Touchpad Driver for Windows 7/Windows 8 bit (Keyboard & Mouse). MSI GE70 2OD Elantech Touchpad Download MSI GE60 2OD Elantech Touchpad Driver for Windows 7/Windows 8 MSI GE70 2OD Elantech Touchpad (Keyboard & Mouse).

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