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For functions not described in this Guide, refer to the Instruction Manual on the following website: The Instruction Manual is subject to change for modification of specifications and so forth. Be sure to download the latest edition of the Instruction Manual for reference.

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The panels shown in this guide are examples used to provide clear explanations of the operations. For this reason, they may be different from KENWOOD DNN9250DAB Multimedia Receiver Bluetooth actual panels. In operation procedures, bracket shape indicates the key or button you should control. To prevent a short circuit, never put or leave any metallic objects such as coins or metal tools inside the unit. Do not watch or fix your eyes on the unit s display when you are driving for any extended period.

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If you experience problems during installation, consult your Kenwood dealer. You can select language to display menus, KENWOOD DNN9250DAB Multimedia Receiver Bluetooth file tags, etc. See Language setup P. The Radio Data System or Radio Broadcast Data System feature won t work where the service is not supported by any broadcasting station. Called lens fogging, this condensation on the lens may not allow discs to play.

In such a situation, remove the disc and wait for the condensation to evaporate. If the unit still does not operate normally after a while, consult your Kenwood dealer. Do not stick tape etc. Do not use disc type accessories.


Clean from the center of the disc and move outward. When removing discs from this unit, pull them out horizontally. If the disc center hole or outside rim has burrs, use the disc only after removing the burrs with a ballpoint pen etc. Discs that are not round cannot be used.


Discs with coloring on the recording KENWOOD DNN9250DAB Multimedia Receiver Bluetooth or discs that are dirty cannot be used. This unit can only play the CDs with. This unit may not correctly play discs which do not have the mark. You cannot play a disc that has not been finalized. For the finalization process see your writing software, and your recorder instruction manual. We shall not be liable for any damage caused by leakage of undeleted data. Touch [Factory data reset].

This process could take up to several minutes. Make sure your vehicle is outdoors in an open area away from tall buildings and trees for fastest acquisition.

After the system acquires satellites for the first time, it will acquire satellites quickly each time thereafter. This is due to the characteristics of mechanism the product is equipped with.


When the product is KENWOOD DNN9250DAB Multimedia Receiver Bluetooth powered on works properly, the front panel will automatically move into the position initial setting angle shown in Fig. The unit returns to factory settings. If the faceplate is stained badly, wipe the stain off with a cloth moistened with neutral cleaner, then wipe it again with a clean soft dry cloth.!! Wiping the faceplate with a hard cloth or using a volatile liquid such as thinner or alcohol may scratch the surface or erase screened print.

See First Step P. Neither Kenwood nor Garmin shall be liable for problems or accidents resulting from failure to observe the instructions in this manual. When navigating, carefully compare information displayed on the navigation system to all available navigation sources, including information from street signs, visual sightings, and maps.

For safety, always resolve any discrepancies or questions before continuing navigation. Always operate the vehicle in a safe manner. Do not become distracted by the navigation system while driving, and always be fully aware of all driving conditions. Minimize the amount of time spent viewing the screen of the navigation system while driving, and use voice prompts when possible.

Do not enter destinations, change settings, or access any functions KENWOOD DNN9250DAB Multimedia Receiver Bluetooth prolonged use of the navigation system controls while driving. Stop your vehicle in a safe and legal manner before attempting such operations. Keep the system volume at a low enough level to be able to hear outside noises while driving. If you can no longer hear outside noises, you may be unable to react adequately to the traffic situation. This may cause accidents.

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The navigation system will not display the correct current position of the vehicle the first time it is used after purchase, or if the vehicle battery is disconnected. GPS satellite signals will soon be received, however, and the correct position will be displayed. Detachable faceplate with motorized slide. Wifi Built-in for network connection. DAB+ tuner, Bluetooth module & Navigation system built-in. HDMI/MHL Input for. DNNDAB. Additional Images. DNNDAB. " WVGA, Wi-Fi network, multimedia with DAB & navigation system DAB+ tuner, Bluetooth module & Navigation system built-in. HDMI/MHL KENWOOD DNN9250DAB Multimedia Receiver Bluetooth. Receiver type, High sensitivity GPS receiver.

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