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Taiwan peripheral suppliers to benefit from rising wireless charging market demand Monday 16 October As wireless charging is set to gain popularity following the adoption of Qi wireless charging standard of the Wireless Power Consortium WPC by both the latest iPhone devices and Holtek seeing brisk orders for 4Q16 Thursday 3 November Holtek Semiconductor, which designs and develops standard microcontrollers MCU Generalplus MCU Probe consumer electronics IC solutions, has said orders for mobile power devices remain strong while That is, devices communicate with one another via high-pitch sound waves with a speaker and microphone. Upon searching, I learned that other individuals had performed a bit of Generalplus MCU Probe work in analyzing this protocol.

Reversing the Android App Since the open source database of events is not currently complete, I decided to spend a few minutes looking at the Android app to identify how it performed its audio decoding. I skimmed through the source files of a few app features that utilized the communication protocol e.

Reverse Engineering a Furby

Generalplus MCU Probe Decode decompiled to the following function: Itching to continue onto reverse engineering the hardware, I began disassembling the device. Reversing the Hardware Actually disassembling the Furby itself proved more difficult than expected due to the form factor of the toy and number of hidden screws.


The heart of the Furby lies Generalplus MCU Probe the following two-piece circuit board: Thanks to another friend, I also had access to a second Furby model, this time the French version. Although the circuit boards of both devices were incredibly similar, differences did exist, most notably in the layout of the right-hand daughterboard.

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The first feature I noticed about the boards was the fact that a number of chips were hidden by a thick blob of epoxy. This is likely meant to thwart reverse engineers, as many of the important chips on the Furby are actually proprietary and designed or at least contracted for development by Hasbro. However, one may still simply inspect the traces connected to the chip and infer its functionality from there. Generalplus MCU Probe particular chip provides bits of memory bytesspeaks I2C, and offers a write protect pin to prevent accidental data corruption.


The chip on the U. Using the same technique as on my Withings WS projectI used a heat gun to desolder the chip from the board. Note that this MUST be done in a well-ventilated Generalplus MCU Probe. When the ID card is close to the card reader, the transmitting unit transmits a wireless signal. August 22, Assignee: Interactive method for communication with smart mobile device and interactive communication system using the same Patent number: An interactive method for communication with a smart mobile device and an interactive communication system using the same are provided. The interactive communication system comprises an external device and a smart mobile device.

The external device comprises a microprocessor circuit and an AC magnetic emitter. The microprocessor circuit is for encoding specific data into an encoded signal.

The AC magnetic emitter is for converting the encoded signal into an AC magnetic signal. The smart mobile device comprises an E-compass sensor.

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In addition, the smart mobile device stores a specific application program for acquiring a magnetic variation of the E-compass Generalplus MCU Probe. When the magnetic variation of the E-compass sensor is greater than a threshold variation, the AC magnetic signal is decoded through the specific application program to obtain the specific data. May 16, Assignee: Wireless charging circuit for power bank and power bank thereof Patent number: A wireless charging circuit for power bank and a power bank thereof are provided in the present invention. The wireless charging circuit includes a boost DC to DC converter, a unidirectional conductive element and a wireless power converter.

The input terminal of the boost DC to DC converter is coupled to the battery to receive the battery voltage. The first terminal of the unidirectional Generalplus MCU Probe element is coupled to the battery to receive the battery voltage. The input terminal of the wireless power converter is coupled to the second terminal of the unidirectional conductive element. When the wireless charging circuit performs the detection for the wireless power receiver, the wireless power converter disables the boost DC to DC converter. October 11, Assignee: The package provides the installation files for Generalplus MCU Probe Firmware version Important Notes.

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