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It is understood that the radios of FIGS. Such structure is illustrated, in one embodiment, in FIG.


One difference between radios operating according to different protocols includes a local oscillation frequency generated by the PLL circuitry, as well as by operational logic of a corresponding baseband processor. A baseband processor, not shown in FIG.


I and Q data streams are produced to digital-to-analog converters to convert the I and Q data streams to a I and Q baseband frequency modulated signals. The I and Q baseband frequency modulated signals are then produced to an up-conversion and amplification stage where they are up-converted to radio frequency RF and are broadcast. On a receive end of radioa down conversion and amplification stage receives RF signals, amplifies and down converts the RF signals to a baseband frequency signal either directly or through a low intermediate frequency stage to produce I and Q baseband frequency modulated signals from the received RF to analog-to-digital converters Analog-to-digital converters then convert the I and Q baseband frequency modulated signals to I and Q data streams that are produced to baseband processor Gateway M-78 Atheros WLAN one embodiment of the invention.

Each of the baseband processors of FIGS. For example, one The baseband processors of FIGS.

These components which may be Gateway M-78 Atheros WLAN on a peripheral processing card or module intercouple via a local bus and couple to a peripheral bus via an interface Various peripheral cards couple to the peripheral bus These peripheral cards include a network infrastructure interface cardwhich couples the WAP to its servicing building router or core router. Baseband processing cardsand couple to Radio Frequency RF units Gateway M-78 Atheros WLAN,andrespectively. Each of these baseband processing cardsand performs digital processing for a respective wireless communication protocol, e.

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The RF units, and couple to antennas, andrespectively, and support wireless communication between the WAP and wireless subscriber units according to a desired protocol and corresponding operation. The number of antennas Gateway M-78 Atheros WLAN not correspond necessarily, however, to the number of RF unitsand In one embodiment, one RF unit with a plurality of antennas provides the RF communications.

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In another embodiment, all RF units are coupled to a single antenna or, alternatively, Gateway M-78 Atheros WLAN a diversity switch module that itself is coupled to one or more antennas. The WAP may include other card s as well for other desired functionality. While the structure of the WAP is shown to have separate resources in servicing the differing communication protocols, some of these resources may be combined in other embodiments as shared resources, as shown, for example, in FIGS. The WAP performs operations according to the present invention that are embodied at least partially as software instructions, i. The WMI are loaded into the storage unit and some or all of the WMI are loaded into the processor for execution.

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A first operation according to the present invention occurs at transceiver startup. If a transceiver is configured as a STA in ad hoc mode, at startup, it will need to select a band and a channel for transmission if it is founding the independent basic service set IBSS. Similarly, if a Gateway M-78 Atheros WLAN is configured as a WAP, at startup, it selects a band and a channel for transmission by all stations in the basic service area BSA covered by the basic service set BSS that it establishes.

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The WAP selects Gateway M-78 Atheros WLAN band that provides the highest signal to noise plus interference ratio. Interferers may be either co-channel interferers or adjacent channel interferers. A second operation according to the present invention occurs during wireless terminal roaming. A somewhat analogous system is cellular telephony, in which a mobile phone may roam from one cell's base station to another while maintaining an apparently seamless connection.

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In the case of The first step involves scanning the bands for existing BSSs and foreign interferers. Two received signal strength indicators RSSI that enable this measurement. With these operations, BW[k] is defined as the bandwidth of the contiguous channels of the kth band. Define fc[k] as the center frequency of the contiguous channels of the kth band. Use hw queue 8 for CAB traffic wifi0: Use hw queue 9 for beacons wifi0: Use hw Gateway M-78 Atheros WLAN 8 for CAB traffic wifi1: Use hw queue 9 for beacons wifi1: WPA authenticator requests disconnect: Failed to delete key addr Failed to unauthorize STA Search.


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