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Fender Passport Mini Review – Acoustic Guitar

This takes a Fender Passport Mini Amplifier of time to get used to, but in a few minutes you have access to a wide variety of tones. I tested the amp in a large room of my house, but it would work just as well for solo guitarists in a small coffeeshop, practice sessions with a group of other instruments, or street performers hoping to boost their busking levels.


Plugging a Shure SM58 vocal Fender Passport Mini Amplifier into the XLR input, I was pleased with the sound of the mic channel, and the amp responded well at higher gain levels, as long as I used good mic technique—if I turned the volume up past halfway, putting my mouth on the mic produced some distortion. While feedback from the mic was not a problem at most volume levels and even sometimes difficult to manufacture at full amp volumewhen it did occur, the anti-feedback button worked well at notching out the worst frequencies.

Advertisement Portable Power The Passport Mini runs on AC power through the supplied adapter or battery power via a compartment on the bottom portion of the back panel that holds six C batteries. It took a bit of Fender Passport Mini Amplifier to insert the batteries the plastic bends out a little more than expectedbut once they were installed, the amp worked and sounded great on battery power.

Comparing the sound in battery power Fender Passport Mini Amplifier AC, there was a noticeable difference between the extraneous noise in AC mode compared to the quiet resting sound in battery-power mode. I was surprised that the gain seemed comparable, too, although there seemed to be a hair more gain in AC mode though the extra hum could have fooled me. Programmable Effects The Mini has a surprising number of bells and whistles under its small hood.

Fender Passport Mini Review

With 24 presets three distinct presets for each of the following: In addition, with the included USB cable, you can plug the unit into your computer, download Fender Fuse software, and edit any preprogrammed effect you Fender Passport Mini Amplifier to. The software allows you to chain together up to four different effects, giving you the option to use each effect as either a virtual rack-mount unit or virtual stompbox—allowing Fender Passport Mini Amplifier to tweak knobs and activate levels the same way you would for whichever type you choose. The nifty interface shows virtual rack-mounts and stompboxes on your computer screen, with the same types of knobs found on their real-world counterparts. Reverb for both channels independently was one of the best selling points for me not to mention the array of useful effects including a tap-tempo delay, which I have been used to from my previous line 6 pod xt live.

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You might think that having delay and verb on at the same time may make things too muddy when you only have a little 7 inch speaker but it really surprisingly doesn't. You can play around Fender Passport Mini Amplifier the EQ of each channel quite nicely especially when you plug the amp in to Fender Fuse which works with Mac seamlessly hurrah! I play an epiphone Ej full body with a sound-hole fishman rare earth single coil pickup and to be able to change the eq of the guitar on the amp was really useful as it allows the guitar to cut through the mix and not clash with the frequencies of the vocals too much. I would strongly advise that you plug the amp in and have a play with the fuse software and make some nice presets as this totally changed my perception of the amp from simply plugging in and playing in the shop when I bought it.

There is flange, tremolo and chorus e. I love, love, love the verb and the delays which all sound brilliant from a simple Spring to a luscious hall with massive decay is right up my street. The Passport takes 6xC Batteries and I am still testing this but will update soon. I couldn't believe that this thing actually works as a USB input for Garageband right out of the box. The fuse software was easily downloaded and has a very simple U. I to allow quick editing of your presets and also offers a sort of tone library ala Line 6. This is actually quite a useful feature if you have someone else Fender Passport Mini Amplifier a duo who has the amp and you want to make sure that you both have the same set up with effects e.

Fender Passport Mini

There was an included Micro USB lead which was quite long and seemed pretty solid in design. You can go right into the features under 'advanced amp', which allows you to increase even the USB gain, which might be useful if you Fender Passport Mini Amplifier a passive acoustic guitar or uke. Other features I really liked were the fact it has 3 inputs not 2 like Fender say!

Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing and ✅ FREE Shipping for your Fender Passport Fender Passport Mini Amplifier 2-channel Mobile Amp! Passport Mini's instrument channel features 24 presets designed for acoustic and electric guitars and built from eight amp models, including natural (acoustic).


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