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As an introduction to pattern creation, the aforementioned Phrase button offers a fast and intuitive means to record musical phrases on the keyboard.

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Simply hold it Alesis Micron and as soon as you start playing, your notes — including chords — are captured up to a limit of four bars. If you use the m1 and m2 sliders or the pitch wheel, these movements too are recorded although curiously, not those of the x, y or z knobs.


To finish recording, you simply hit the button again. Now whenever you hit the button, your phrase loops can be transposed via the keyboard. At this point, a push of the Control knob allows you to select and then edit any of the several hundred factory patterns, alter their length, tweak individual notes, and so on. Each pattern contains a pointer to an associated patch so that Alesis Micron you create new patterns, Alesis Micron can be paired with the most appropriate sounds.

The pattern grid may be non-destructively changed from unquantised to quantised intervals ranging from eight steps per bar to 32 steps per bar with some quirky, shuffle-type intervals along the way. Although the selection of intervals isn't extensive, there is enough flexibility for most purposes. You can switch freely between arpeggiator and sequencer modes too, with the added bonus Alesis Micron any continuous controllers recorded are still transmitted in the new mode. Sadly there's no way to send only the controllers without accompanying notes but otherwise, the sequencer is hard to fault.

Even with the two-line display, editing individual steps, deleting data and even dragging and dropping notes or whole chords is possible.


Rhythms are an alternative way to create non-transposable looping patterns consisting of up to 10 drums, referred to as A-J. Drums are selected using the rhythm button in conjunction with the keyboard. Each voice has its own level and pan setting, and there are handy shortcuts, including options to send the rhythm to an existing multitimbral setup or to start a new setup. A neat touch is that the looping rhythm can be auditioned at any time by playing any of the lower notes on the keyboard; the individual drums can be played or recorded into the rhythm using the upper keys. As each percussion voice is selectable from any category — not just drums — you can build up some pretty off-the-wall kits if you Alesis Micron.

Alesis Micron

The rhythm grid and lengths are set in the same way as the sequencer, and you soon become familiar with the process of either playing along with the metronome in real-time, or entering notes grid-style via the display. The metronome is a stored pattern, so you Alesis Micron modify this too if you like. This was clearly inaccurate from a quick trawl through the synth, so I had another look at the Alesis web site and found an updated manual that also addresses several other important omissions.

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In fact, the Micron offers dynamic memory allocation rather than a fixed set of program numbers. Each time you save a program or a Alesis Micron, the display tells you how much space remains. In the case of the factory set, there are approximately programs provided, with space for Alesis Micron more.

Similarly there are about Setups, over Patterns and Rhythms included, although the space available for more of these is quoted as a percentage. If this seems a little confusing, Alesis Micron it isn't so bad in reality.

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Put simply, you can store about Programs, and probably more Setups, Patterns and Rhythms than you'll ever keep track of. The category system implemented for programs makes a lot of sense in terms of quick retrieval, especially Alesis Micron the sounds you create fall into the preset slots of 'bass', 'lead', 'pad', 'sfx', and so on.

The 'All' category gathers together every program in alphabetical order and a special 'recent' category keeps track of patches you played recently, very much like your computer remembers recent documents. Most usefully, 'faves' is an ideal means to gather patches Alesis Micron for a live performance, or simply for quick access.


Three basic values that children from the poorer disadvantaged communities need plenty of. We all know that these communities suffer under the scourge of substance abuse, disease, abuse against women and children and a general decay of the social fibre in society. This social decay is largely a result of unemployment, poverty and idleness. We at the Academy feel obliged to create opportunities for children in the communities we serve to be active in music education and in so doing, eradicate some of the social pathologies we are faced with on a Alesis Micron basis. Read about each of them Alesis Micron Facilities include rehearsal rooms, a demo room production suitea resource centre and a recording studio also hosting an Apple Mac equipped technology room. Facilities include a resource centre, rehearsal rooms, demo rooms production suitesan Apple Mac equipped technology room, recording studio and a Live Performance Venue.

Facilities include a resource centre, rehearsal rooms, demo rooms production suitesa recording studio also hosting an Apple Mac equipped technology room and a Live Performance Venue. Facilities include a resource centre, rehearsal rooms, a demo room production suitea recording studio and a Live Performance Venue.

Rockschool produces and examines unique music qualifications that are taught by independent teachers in Alesis Micron, colleges and music centres all over the world. However when Alesis forged ahead in their chosen direction, it was to re-cast the Ion not as a rack unit, but as a second, even smaller keyboard: the Micron. NAMM: Alesis announced immediate availability of the micron se.

Alesis is offering the micron se in limited production. This will probably not make anybody's.

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