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OUT n-1, the output of counter channel n-1 see note 1 below. This pin is shared by all three counter channels on the chip.

Returns the counter channel's current clock source in data[1]. For internal clock sources, data[2] is set to the period in ns. Sets the ADLINK ACL-8112 channel's gate source as specified in data[2] this is a hardware-specific value.

For the other boards, valid gate sources are 0 to 7 as follows: GND internal 0V d. Returns the counter channel's current gate source in data[2].


Clock and gate interconnection notes: The counter subdevices are connected in a ring, so the highest counter subdevice precedes the lowest. The digital inputs ADLINK ACL-8112 from the interrupt status register.


The number of channels matches the number of interrupt sources. When the interrupt status register value as a whole actually, just the 6 least significant bits goes from zero to non-zero, the board will generate an ADLINK ACL-8112. For level-triggered hardware interrupts PCI cardthe interrupt will remain asserted until the interrupt status register is cleared to zero. For edge-triggered ADLINK ACL-8112 interrupts ISA cardno further interrupts will occur until the interrupt status register is cleared to zero. To clear a bit to zero in the interrupt status register, the corresponding interrupt source must be disabled in the interrupt source enable register there is no separate interrupt clear register.

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It translates the primitive, device-dependent commands with which the hardware manufacturer want you to configure, read and write the electronics of the hardware interface into more abstract and generic function calls and data structures for ADLINK ACL-8112 application programmer. David Schleef started the Comedi project to interface lots of different cards for measurement and control purposes.

Schleef designed a structure which is a balance between modularity i. The Comedi project consists of two complementary packages: A general DAQ device driver package. From the point of view of system developers, it is worthwhile to standardize the structure and API Application Programming Interface for device drivers as much as possible: For example, many different interface cards use the same PCI driver chips, or use the parallel port to connect to the hardware device. Hence, providing "low-level" device drivers for these PCI chips and ADLINK ACL-8112 ports allows for an increased modularity and re-useability of the software.

In the case of Linux as the host operating system, device driver writers must keep the following Linux-specific issues in mind: Kernel space vs. User space.

Daytek 755DFACL-8112 Series
Acer Aspire 7720 NVIDIA GraphicsHardware supported by the Comedi drivers

The ADLINK ACL-8112 operating system has two levels: Device drivers typically must access specific addresses on the bus, and hence use privileged system calls. Therefore, a device driver has a component in kernel space.

Supported Hardware

One can write a user space driver for, ADLINK ACL-8112 example, a device on the parallel port, but in this case, the basic parallel port device driver runs ADLINK ACL-8112 in the kernel by default; the interaction with the hardware then takes place via the method explained below. Device files or device file system. The users that want to write an application for a particular device, must link their application to the device's device driver. This device driver, however, runs in kernel space, and the user application in user space. So, the operating system provides an interface between both. This interface allows to inspect the current status of each device.


Almost all devices can be interfaced in PIO mode: Some devices also allow DMA: DMA is a feature of the bus, not of ADLINK ACL-8112 operating system which has to support its processes to use the feature, of course. Policy vs. Device drivers are often written by application programmers, that have a particular application in mind. ACL Series. CH Bit kS/s Multi-Function DAQ Cards. ADLINK ACL-8112 QUOTE.

ADLINK ACL Series User Manual 94 pages

Key Features. ADLINK ACL-8112 A/D resolution; Up to kS/s sampling rate. NuDAQ and ACL are registered trademarks of ADLINK TECHNOLOGY. INC. Other product names mentioned herein are used for identification purposes.

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