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Connectivity This system has a nice, broad range of ports on it, although it is slightly lacking in one or two areas.

Hp Compaq Nw9440 Mobile Workstation Broadcom Lan Driver Download

One area in which there is no lack is USB; there are two USB2 ports on each side, and they are even arranged differently from one another; one pair is stacked, and one pair is side by side, ideal for dongles or flash drives. There is no dedicated audio line in jack on the unit, but there is a mic port and a microphone built into top edge of the screen. Only one IEEE port is provided, and it is the small type which is suboptimal. The system HP Compaq nw9440 Mobile Workstation Broadcom LAN the typical V. The most troubling issue is the lack of a DVI port on the unit.

Other Goodies Depending on how you feel about TPM, the Infineon "trusted computing" module might be a boon or a curse; it's required for some Vista features, though this laptop was sold only with XP as Vista was not shipping when I got it. In Linux, however, it functions as a crypto accelerator, so I am glad to have it in the machine. Rounding out the security features are a smart card reader and a fingerprint scanner which is installed just below the glidepad near the front top HP Compaq nw9440 Mobile Workstation Broadcom LAN of the machine.

It also provides the missing DVI port; I feel that putting the HD15 on the unit displays an ignorance of where the world is going, which isn't analog VGA, but putting that aside for a moment at least we can find it on the dock. I actually don't believe that's true since I have no ExpressCARD peripherals, but most of what you might like to slot into the system today will probably be one of those.


Oddly, the docking station also contains a removable device bay, I think it's called an Ultrabay, which the laptop doesn't have. If you get an ultrabay optical drive like a second DVD burner you can install this into the docking station just by pushing - the cover and device itself push-to-release.

Test HP Compaq nw9440 Notebook

This is a nice feature, although puzzling given the lack of it in the laptop itself. The niftiest feature of the dock though, and one which I am not using, is the lock HP Compaq nw9440 Mobile Workstation Broadcom LAN which I don't have. Nonetheless, this is a round key-type lock designed to be carried with the system, and which can be inserted into the docking station in order to lock down the computer and lock the station to the desk. HP offers two docking stations to match the nw and related systems: I have the advanced unit; I'm not sure what isn't in the basic unit, except the "integrated MultiBay II and ExpressCard slots" 4 Software Because this is a business-class system HPQ 5 refers to it as a "Mobile Workstation" it did not come with a full suite of crapware.

This software controls windows logon but can also do significantly more; for example, it can store passwords for websites under a single authentication system. It can verify your identity through a combination of fingerprint, smart card, and password, which is fairly nifty if a gimmick. I had my system set to log in on a successful finger scan, but under Linux which I am now using it is as yet unsupported. I personally wiped the system and installed Ubuntu Feisty.

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I did have some problems, notably with screen resolutionsbut I eventually solved them. It's worth noting that there are apparently a multitude of different actual machines sold under the 'nw' name, most of which are very similar except for changes in CPU and sometimes GPU, and that other people out in the world have not reported having this HP Compaq nw9440 Mobile Workstation Broadcom LAN. Other than the TPM suite the software is quite uninteresting. The surface feels excellent, and hints at the high price of the notebook. However, the base unit's flexural rigidity is similar to those of the 15 inch version not completely convincing, but considering it is a 17 inch notebook with comparably lower height the nw is alright.

Very limited creaking noises can be observed.

HP/Compaq Mobile Workstation nw The Hyperlogos

The display is protected by a big magnesium part. Because of its big size, the display can, however, still be yielded a little bit in its center.

But, one can't detect any changes on the display, therefore, it should be sufficiently protected. The hinges work properly.

One can possibly discover a slight, inconspicuous see-saw. Both hooks lock precisely and keep the display securely locked. If you take a closer look at the upper side of the base unit, you will see some plastic bands at front edge of the keyboard. Free Download HP Compaq nw Mobile Workstation Broadcom LAN Driver (Network Card). HP Compaq nw Mobile Workstation. Overview.


DA - North Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express Controller. ISV certifications for.

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