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Proxy server[ edit ] A proxy server is a network server with UAC and UAS components that functions as an intermediary entity for the purpose of performing requests on behalf of other network elements. A proxy server primarily plays the role of routing, meaning that its job is to ensure that a request is sent to another entity closer to the targeted user. Proxies are also useful for enforcing policy, such as for determining whether a user is allowed to make a call. A proxy interprets, and, if necessary, rewrites specific parts of a request Advanced Multimedia SiP-2 before forwarding it. SIP proxy servers that route messages to more than one destination are called forking proxies. The forking of SIP requests means Advanced Multimedia SiP-2 multiple dialogs can be established from a single request. This explains the need for the two-sided dialog identifier; without a contribution from the recipients, the originator could not disambiguate the multiple dialogs established from a single request.

The Session Initiation Protocol - The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 6, Number 1 - Cisco

This is a very powerful feature of SIP. A single call can ring many endpoints at the same time.

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  • The Session Initiation Protocol - The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 6, Number 1

SIP forking allows a desk phone ring at the same time as a mobile, allowing a call to be taken from either device. Redirect server[ edit ] A Advanced Multimedia SiP-2 server is a user agent server that generates 3xx redirection responses to requests it receives, directing the client to contact an alternate set of URIs.

A redirect server allows proxy servers to direct SIP session invitations to external domains. A registrar is a SIP endpoint that provides a location service. For subsequent requests Advanced Multimedia SiP-2 provides an essential means to locate possible communication peers on the network. Multiple user agents may register for the same URI, with Advanced Multimedia SiP-2 result that all registered user agents receive the calls to the URI.

To improve network scalability, location services may instead be located with a redirect server. Each time a SIP signaling message occurs within a call, this timeout resets.


The default setting is 43, seconds 12 hours. The default setting is seconds. If either of these timeouts expire, the security device removes all sessions for this call from its table, thus terminating the call. Select any of the appropriate check boxes to pass messages that cannot be decoded by the device in either Route mode or NAT mode: Each transaction consists of a client request that invokes a particular method, or function, on the server and at least one response. This provides a readable text-based format Advanced Multimedia SiP-2 displaying information.

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RFC defines client and server as follows: Clients may or may not interact directly with a human user. User agent clients and proxies are clients.

Configuring SIP Settings

A server is a network element that receives requests in order to service them and sends back responses to those requests. Examples of servers are proxies, user Advanced Multimedia SiP-2 servers, redirect servers, and registrars. The individual elements of a standard SIP configuration include the following: User Agent: The user agent resides in every SIP end station. It acts in two roles: Receives SIP requests and generates a response that accepts, rejects, or redirects the request Redirect Server: The redirect server is used during session Advanced Multimedia SiP-2 to determine the address of the called device.

A URI is a generic identifier used to name any resource on the Internet. See RFC [1] for more detail.

Session Initiation Protocol - Wikipedia

Future Multimedia System: SIP or the Advanced Multimedia System Considering these requirements, the authors outline two multimedia. SIP Advanced unpicks SIP to explore and explain SIP interactions and behaviours. 2.


Simple Call Analysis. The Simple Call Analysis chapter gets straight into as well as key SIP processes such as media negotiation, media exchange and.


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